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Hello!  If you found this site then you must have attended one of my grant presentations.  Please use this as a companion piece to the information given. If you have any questions, feel free to email me; girondj@martin.k12.fl.us. 

About me:

Hello!  My name is Jennifer Love Gironda, but you can call me Jenny. I am a North Carolina native but I currently live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  I commute to teach 5-8 Art at Indiantown Middle School, which is about thirty minutes from my home.   This is my second year teaching middle school; I have also taught K-2, High School and an undergraduate level course.  I received my graduate and undergraduate degrees from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. (GO PIRATES!)

Last year I took on the challenge of writing grants to help fund materials and learning experiences for my students at Indiantown Middle School.  I applied for six grants and got all of 'em!  After evaluating the way that I approached my grant writing, I tried to come up with some tips to help other teachers write grants.  I hope that what I post on this site will help others to write and receive grants.

People that know me personally and professionally will tell you that I am enthusiastic and committed to everything that I do.  I hope that upon reviewing my web site you will agree.  I also hope that the material posted here will be useful to you, and you will also be 'granted'!


Jennifer Love Gironda

Professional Art Educator

Indiantown Middle School







Here are some of my sites;


www.indiantownart.com, school art site

http://jenniferlovegironda.synthasite.com, electronic portfolio

www.jennifer-love-gironda.com, personal art site  

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